All the animals have hidden in the savannah! Can you find the animal designated by the "Challenge" card before the others? Observez bien, soyez précis et rapide !
How many are there? 1, 2… 5? If you’re right, you win the "Challenge" card; if not, you’ll be penalised. Watch out: there are traps! Look carefully: be quick and accurate! The aim is to win 3 "Challenge" cards before the others.

icon pour l'auteurJonathan FAVRE-GODAL / Corentin LEBRAT
icon pour l'illustrateurMarie COTTU

Take your time – this game is more about observation than speed. A mistake can cost you dearly!

Box contents

50 Animal cards
20 Challenge cards
5 Camera cards

3 variations

Rules of the game

Have you lost the rules? Don’t panic, we have everything covered!
You can view the rules in a downloadable PDF format or watch a demo video!

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